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Peter Gila, MIM MSc

Menadžer, učitelj njemačkog

Govori: njemački, hrvatski/srpski/bosanski, engleski, ruski, talijanski, španjolski, mađarski, slovački, poljski i rumunjski

Mag.a Julia Galimova, BA

Menadžer, učitelj njemačkog

Govori: njemački, engleski, ruski i španjolski

Mag.a Renata Gila-Fandl, BA

Pomoćnik menadžmenta, učitelj njemačkog

Govori: njemački, engleski, španjolski, mađarski i francuski

Mag.a Sandra Monte

Menadžer ureda, učitelj njemačkog

Govori: njemački, engleski i talijanski

Noemi Erdös

Savjetnik za klijente

Govori: njemački, engleski, mađarski i španjolski

Ursula Hochauer

Savjetnik za klijente, učitelj njemačkog

Govori: njemački, engleski i francuski

Ines Dizdar


Govori: njemački, engleski i bosanski/hrvatski/srpski

Savjetuje Vas kompetentan, pedagoški tim ljudi. S Vama razrađujemo odgovarajući program učenja za Vas.

Učitelji u Deutschothek

U nastavi Vam pomažu angažirani učitelji pomoću kojih ćete naučiti njemački jezik i poboljšati svoje znanje.

Nekoliko naših učitelja se predstavlja:

Mag.a Julia Galimova, BA

German teacher, team leader, recruiter, specialist for interdisciplinary language education, examiner

+ more infoAs a certified DaF/DAZ teacher (University of Vienna) and art and design educator (University of Applied Arts Vienna) I teach grammar, vocabulary as well as various means of expression using interdisciplinary methods and humour. Thanks to the trained eye and ear as an examiner I always make sure that language skills are properly trained. I have gained several years of experience as a teacher at higher secondary schools, in adult education and teachers’ education in addition to conducting German language examinations in Austria and abroad. I have been teaching at the Deutschothek since 2016.

Mag.a Irene Groißböck

German teacher, specialist for exams and exam preparation

+ more infoIn my lessons it is most important to me that the participants learn a lot in a nice, relaxed atmosphere and use the language in situations that are as close to reality as possible. Learning German and of course grammar should be fun, this is crucial for motivation. I also want to take away the learners' fear of making mistakes, because you can learn a lot from mistakes. I studied German with a focus on German as a foreign language and have years of experience teaching German abroad. I have been teaching at the Deutschothek since 2017.

Stefanie Heinzl, MA

German Teacher

+ weitere InformationenBorn and raised in Vienna. After studying art history (University of Vienna), she took a detour that led her to Paris, among other places, and came to teaching German in 2021. Likes to focus on the word and how it relates to a text. Loves the improbable questions learners ask about the German language and language in general, and then the moments of understanding that are occasionally expressed with a long drawn-out “Ah”. She also loves leisureliness and the mulberry tree outside her window.

Ursula Hochauer

German teacher

+ more infoFrom theory to practice! From textbook to life: We learn together and from each other in a relaxed atmosphere. We talk about topics from our everyday life and exchange our opinions respectfully. With music and current videos in German, lessons never get boring. Creative language games provide variety. New grammar and vocabulary are actively trained in a playful way. Individual support for learning success and motivation through group dynamics is always in focus. I am trained as a trainer for German as a foreign language and have been teaching at the Deutschothek since 2015.

Mag.a Sandra Monte

German teacher

+ more infoIn my classes I think it's important to support and encourage people in their linguistic advancement. The focus is on useful content for everyday (professional) life and topics that are based on the realities of life of the participants. A varied class with a lot of empathy, respect, know-how and humor is important to me. It is allowed to make mistakes and by experimenting with the language the fear of the (error-free) use of the language is to be alleviated. I am a certified DaF/DAZ teacher (University of Vienna) and studied linguist. I have several years of teaching experience in Italy and at the International Office of WU Vienna. I have been teaching at the Deutschothek since 2021.

Mag.a Ingrid Schweighofer

German Teacher

+ weitere InformationenIn my groups we learn with and from each other. The focus is on a clear structure of the lessons, a high proportion of real learning time and balanced practice of the 4 skills, while communicating in a meaningful way always has priority. In general, I rely on understandable language and a high degree of task clarity. Supporting individual potential in diverse groups is the biggest challenge in the process. I have been teaching full-time since 2010 and have been at Deutschothek since 2019, with some interruptions. I originally studied Romance languages ​​at the University of Vienna and have been continuing my education ever since.