German grammar course in the evening

If you already get along in German in everyday life, yet you still have difficulties with German grammar, this course is ideal for you. You can participate in grammar courses in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening.

Course topics

In this German course, you learn and revise the rules of German grammar. Many different exercises and examples help you to better understand grammar and you will make fewer mistakes when writing or speaking. As the topics in the grammar course vary from course to course, it is also possible to attend several grammar courses in a row.

Course objectives

Improvement of the language skills “speaking” and “writing”, particularly with regard to
grammatical correctness

Evening grammar courses B1/B2

Duration: 10 weeks - 10 course days
(26.7 teaching units of 45 min)
Course days: Wednesday
Course times: 18:30 – 20:30
Price:240 € (online course)
Additional expenses: none
Attractive funding from waff possible! We are happy to give you a cost estimate!
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Group size: 6 – 12 participants
Dates: 12.07. – 27.09.2023 (kursfrei: 07.08. – 20.08.2023)
Placement: written and speaking test
Course location: online (zoom)