German evening course

Do you not have time to attend a German course during the day? Do you prefer classes in the evening? Deutschothek Language School in Vienna offers German courses in the evening. The evening course takes place 2 times per week. This German course gives you the opportunity to complete one course level in 10 weeks in a small group with 6 to maximum 12 participants. Deutschothek offers evening courses for various language levels.

Course topics

During the evening course you practice all four language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) in an interactive and diversified way. Dialogues, role plays, reading exercises and listening comprehensions help you to boost your German language skills.

Course objectives

Improvement of all language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading), acquisition
of language knowledge (incl. grammar and vocabulary) at your target level, Advancement: 1 course level


Deutschothek also offers a conversation course, a grammar course and the Business German course in the evening.

Evening courses A1 – C1

Duration: 10 weeks - 20 course days
(53.3 teaching units of 45 min)
Course days: Monday + Wednesday or Tuesday + Thursday
Course times: 18:30 – 20:30
Price:460 € (course at school)
320 € (online course)
Additional expenses: Course book A1.1 - B1.2: 19,50 €
Course book B2.1 - C1.2: 23,50 €
additional materials already included in the course price
Attractive funding from waff possible! We are happy to give you a cost estimate!
Order your "AK-Bildungsgutschein" voucher (120 € or 170 €) today and redeem it for this course!
Group size: 6 – 12 participants
Dates: 17.04. – 28.06.2023
18.04. – 29.06.2023
10.07. – 27.09.2023 (kursfrei: 07.08. – 20.08.2023)
11.07. – 28.09.2023 (kursfrei: 07.08. – 20.08.2023)
Placement: written and speaking test
Course location: Stättermayergasse 28, 1150 Vienna or online (zoom)