FAQ regarding the German courses

You can participate in the German courses from the age of 16 onwards.

All teachers are native German speakers. We consider this essential for your learning progress.

The classes are held for 5 to maximum 10 participants. Thanks to the small group size, your individual needs can be better taken care of.

You can register for the German course(s) either online on the website or in the office of Deutschothek Language School. No registration fees are levied.

The course system of Deutschothek is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Do you have previous knowledge yet? Based on our professional placement test we find the most suitable course level for you. Course consultation and the placement test are for free. Find out more about the course system and the placement process.

In the intensive course, the evening course and the Saturday course you work with a course book from A1.1 to B2.2 level as well as with your teacher’s own material. The course book for your German class can be purchased at Deutschothek Language School or at bookstores and costs between 17 – 21 €. In conversation courses, Grammar courses, the course for Business German and C1 and C2 courses a course book is not required and you work with your teacher’s own material. These photo copies and other material are included in the course price and you do not need to pay extra.

On request, we are happy to provide you with a course confirmation.

Do you have any further questions? Do not hesitate to contact our team or to stop by at our office in Vienna!