Business German course Application and presentation training

This German course is suitable for intermediate learners, provided that you have completed at least A2 or B1 level or have equivalent language skills.

Learn the following in the course:

Successful self-presentation

Rhetoric – important basics

Application training with role-plays and videos

Course topics

Sharpen your own profile through better presentation skills

Getting to know important (tricky) questions by the employer

Active use of important speech tools to formulate adequate answers

Application and presentation training (from B1)

Duration: 10 weeks - 10 course days
(26.7 teaching units of 45 min)
Course days: Friday
Course times: 18:30 - 20:30
Price: 240 €
Additional expenses: none
Attractive funding from waff possible! We are happy to give you a cost estimate!
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Group size: 5 – 10 participants
Placement: written and speaking test
Course location: Stättermayergasse 28, 1150 Vienna