C2-German perfection course

We recommend the C2 perfection course if you want to perfect your German. This course is suitable for you if you have completed the C1 level or if you have equivalent language skills.

Course topics

Discussions, grammar exercises, reading and listening comprehensions give your German skills the final touch. The topics in the C2 perfection course vary from course to course. You can therefore also attend the C2 perfection course over a longer period of time.

Course objectives

Improvement of all language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) and perfection of language knowledge (incl.  grammar and vocabulary), with the aim of getting as close as possible to native German.

C2-perfection course

Duration: 10 weeks - 10 course days
(26.7 teaching units of 45 min)
Course days: Monday
Course times: 18:30 - 20:30
Price: 240 €
Additional expenses: none
Attractive funding from waff possible! We are happy to give you a cost estimate!
Order your "AK-Bildungsgutschein" voucher (120 € or 170 €) today and redeem it for this course!
Group size: 5 – 10 participants
Dates: 20.04. - 29.06.2020
13.07. - 14.09.2020
Placement: written and speaking test
Course location: Stättermayergasse 28, 1150 Vienna